Never Quit by IV the Polymath
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Never Quit by IV the Polymath

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1. 10 Minutes 02:55

2. Brown Recluse Bossa Nova 02:18

3. Never Quit 03:48

4. There Is No Try 03:38

5. Hungry Catz (Interlude) 01:08

7. Inner Loop 03:15

8. Extra Extra 03:14

9. Yoga Flame 02:55

10. The Pipeline 02:49

11 Resolutions Per Minute 02:42

12. Yessss 02:47

13. Friend Of A Friend (Interlude) 01:20

14. Saw It Happen 03:52

15. Visceral 03:10

16. Turn It Off 04:03

17. Exit 01:15

18. SECRET SONG: Born Day 02:29


" album that can help you forget about whatever craziness is stressing you out right now, and give you a warm, soothing listening experience that can help you center yourself." - 


This album is dedicated to Earl Patrick McNease aka Praverb the Wyse. Thank you for motivating & inspiring me to take my music seriously, dedicate my life to it, & share my art with the world. I miss & love you, man. Rest in Peace. 

Special Thanks to: Chris Kendall, Michelle Stewart, Ryan & Anji Lum, Jondis, Diles, Mom, Dad, Sean, Jamie, Tytti, Travis at Village Green Records, Frank Reber & YOU: the listener.


Released March 15, 2016 

Composed, Produced, Performed, & Mixed by IV the Polymath (J. Fallon) 
Recorded at The Bee Hive (Muncie, IN, USA) 
Mastered by Kyle Murdock 
Design by The Archaeologist 

© 2016 Polymath Records, LLC 

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