Born in Muncie, Indiana, IV the Polymath was exposed to music at a very early age. He had his first formal violin recital when he was two years old, began piano lessons at age four and later picked up drums and guitar when he was ten. His family moved around the country so much that music became the only constant in his life.

Throughout his youth, IV the Polymath played and sang in dozens of bands, but in college he learned about music production and was blown away.  Once he learned about beats and that he could compose and record everything himself, there was no turning back.  After graduate school, IV established Polymath Records LLC, which he owns and operates to this very day.  Polymath Records is an independent record label and music company specializing in instrumental hip hop, jazz, funk, and electronic music.

To date, the label has released 15 albums and licensed music to such companies as Subaru, Vice TV, Alli Sports (Mountain Dew Tour), Great Lakes Sports Publications, Inc., Deadpoint Media and more.  IV’s work has been featured on NBC, NPR, BBC Radio, Sirius Satellite Radio, XM Radio, WEFUNK Radio, and HipHopDx.com among other major players. In addition, he has collaborated with others on a variety of music projects. In March 2010, he was named “Featured Producer” by Subsoniq Instrumentals.

IV has also released 5 volumes of “The IV Samples” in affiliation with The Drum Broker. Each volume contains 12 original sample compositions specifically designed to give music producers original & unique source material to work with in their own beats.

IV the Polymath works out of Polymath Records’ principal studio in Muncie, Indiana in addition to operating an offsite music licensing and business development operation.