Push IVward EP by IV the Polymath
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Push IVward EP by IV the Polymath

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1. Let Me Be Your Tour Guide 04:04

2. Suckerpunch 03:16

3. Push IVward 03:36

4. 26 03:07

5. Shift 03:34

6. Set Backs ft. Junclassic (UnderCurrent) 03:06

7. Days & Nights ft. Jondis (i.deals) 03:28


"IV the Polymath's "Push IVward EP" is an album where you can turn out the lights, lay down, put on your headphones and just zone out as you turn up the volume."

-DJ Jazzpants 


Released January 7, 2011 

Produced by IV the Polymath 
Cover Art by GroundMedia 
Vocals mixed by Jondis 

© 2011 Polymath Records LLC 

Special thanks to Jwho

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