The Mono EP by IV the Polymath
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The Mono EP by IV the Polymath

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1. The Cleanse 03:14

2. Unique Individual 03:13

3. The Bend 03:21

4. Don't Bring It Up (Interlude) 01:15

5. Level Up 02:52

6. Organic 03:08

7. Order Maintained (Interlude) 00:42

8. Better Than Human 02:36


The concept for The Mono EP is exactly as the name implies. The entire thing was recorded in mono with various instruments, synthesizers, samplers, & drum machines. With the exception of one track, all beats are composed without samples by IV. 


"(The Mono EP) is full of well-developed, thoughtful, songs that sound fantastic on your headphones." -Scratched Vinyl 


Released January 20, 2014 

Composed, Produced, Performed, & Mixed by IV the Polymath (J. Fallon) 
Recorded in mono at The Bee Hive (Muncie, IN, USA) 
Mastered by Kyle Murdock 
Design by Archeologist 

© 2014 Polymath Records, LLC  

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